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The Foundation is under the supervision of the Foundation Board (FB) composed of representatives of AIT stakeholders.

Both the principal and its earnings, shall be used for long-term sustainability of Asian Institute of Technology. Donors are allowed to specify choices on how the principal and/or its earning are used. A list of priorities are developed by FB, based on the identified needs in furtherance of AIT's strategic sustainability in these two areas:

1) To strengthen AIT's tradition of being a higher education hub/platform for top students from all over Asia and beyond to live and study together. This can be achieved by providing generous scholarships to attract the top students in Asia; and

2) To revitalize AIT's faculty resource with dynamic input from all over the world. This can be achieved by establishing "HRH Princess Sirindhorn Scholars" program for 10 world-class scholars to spend visiting periods at AIT every year. The program's prestige will be ensured through the kind patronage of HRH Princess Sirindhorn, the vision of the Foundation Board and the selection of world-class scholars.

The AIT Foundation is governed by the Foundation Board with request for HRH Princess Sirindhorn to consider serving as Honorary Chair, and being composed of prominent alumni and friends of AIT. Under the Foundation Board, there are 4 subcommittees (1) Fundraising Committee; (2) Investment Committee; (3) Fund Management Committee; and (4) Audit Committee.

The Campaign will see a sustained and integrated effort to raise the funds, giving opportunities for all to take part, who care about the future of AIT, and her important roles in the changing world.

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